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September 17th, 2020: SPAE

Definition: SPAE*SPAED*SPAEING*SPAES v to foretell

Anagrams: apes apse pase peas

Hooks: spaeD spaeS

Ana-hooks: apeRs apRes apseS aspeN aspeR Capes epHas Gapes Heaps Japes Lapse Leaps Napes Neaps paCes paGes paIse paLes paNes paRes paRse paseO paseS pasSe pasTe paTes paUse paVes paXes peaGs peaKs peaLs peaNs peaRs peasE peaTs pHase pLeas pRase pResa psOae Rapes Reaps saLep sCape sepaL sepIa sepTa sHape sNeap spaCe spaDe spaKe spaLe spaRe spaTe speaK speaN speaR Tapes Tepas

'Typos': spam span spar spas spat spay spaz spue

Blana-grams: aCes aGes aLes aLps aMps aNes apeD apeR apeX apOs apPs aRes aRse aseA aspS aTes aVes aWes aXes aYes Baps Base Cape Caps Case Ceps Daps Deps eaRs easE easT easY eaTs epHa epOs eRas espY eTas eYas Gaes Gape Gaps Gasp Haes Haps Hasp Heap Heps Jape Kaes Keas Keps Laps Lase Leap Leas Maes Maps Mesa Naes Nape Naps Neap Opas Opes paCe paCs paDs paGe paKs paLe paLs paMs paNe paNs paPs paRe paRs pasH pasS pasT paTe paTs paVe paWs paYs peaG peaK peaL peaN peaR peaT peCs peDs peEs peGs peHs peNs pePs pesO pesT peTs peWs pIas pIes pLea pOse pYas pYes Rape Raps Rase Rasp Reap Reps saBe saDe saFe saGe saKe saLe saLp saMe saMp saNe sapS saTe saVe seaL seaM seaR seaS seaT seEp sepS sepT seRa seTa sHea sIpe sKep sLap sNap sOap speC speD speW sTep sUpe sWap Tape Taps Tase Teas Tepa Upas Vase Waes Waps Wasp Yaps Yeas Yeps Zaps Zeps

Extensions: spaeR# spaeING spaeRS# spaeINGS spaeMAN# spaeMEN# spaeTZLE spaeTZLES spaeWIFE# spaeWIVES#

Sub-anagrams: ae ape as asp es pa pas pe pea pes sae sap sea spa

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