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July 19th, 2020: BROSE

Definition: BROSE*BROSES n a porridge

Anagrams: bores robes sober

Hooks: broseS

Ana-hooks: beroBs besorT beVors bLores boNers borDes boreEs boreRs bosKer bosSer boUrse boWers boWser boXers broKes broMes broOse broWse Corbes Desorb obesEr oMbers oMbres Probes reboPs resoRb rIbose robLes sCrobe sobBer soberS soMber soMbre sorbeD sorbeT sTrobe

'Typos': arose boose brise broke brome brosy erose prose

Blana-grams: Abore Aeros bAres bAser beArs beErs berEs berGs berKs berMs beroB besoM besoT beVor bIers bIrse bLore boArs boDes boKes boLes boNer boNes boOrs borAs borDe borDs boreD boreE boreL boreR borNe borTs boUse boWer boWes boWrs boWse boXer boXes brAes breEs breNs breRs breWs brIes brIos broDs broGs broOs broWs bUrse bYres Ceros Corbe Cores Corse Doers Dorse Doser eboNs eorLs esTro eUros Forbs Fores Froes Goers Gores Gorse Herbs Heros Hoers Horse Jobes Kerbs Kores Lesbo Lobes Lores Loser Mebos Mores Morse Noser obesE obeYs obOes oGres oMber oMbre oMers oNers orbeD orFes orLes osIer oVers oWres oXers oYers Pores Poser Probe Probs reboP rebUs reDos reGos rePos resoD resoW rIbes robeD robLe roDes roKes roLes roNes roOse roPes roRes roseD roseS roseT roTes roUes roUse roVes rUbes sAber sAbre sCore seNor seroN seroW serVo sHoer sHore sMore sNore soAre soGer soLer sorbS soreD soreE soreL soreR soreS soreX soWer sPore sTore sUber sWore sYboe Tores Torse Verbs Verso Worse Ybore Yores Zeros

Extensions: LAbrose UMbrose CRIbrose FIbroseD FIbroseS TENEbrose FIbrose(S) MYELOFIbroseS MYELOFIbrose(S)

Sub-anagrams: be bo bor bore bors bos bro bros er eros ers es ob obe obes obs oe oes or orb orbs ore ores ors os ose re reb rebs res rob robe robs roe roes rose ser so sob sorb sore

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