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January 15th, 2020: PARTITE

Definition: PARTITE adj divided into parts

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: partieSt patriAte triptaNe

'Typos': partita

Blana-grams: apAtite apteriA ariettA ariettE artieSt artiSte atretiC attireD attireS attriTe Battier Biretta Cattier Citrate Diptera Fattier iNapter iNtreat irateSt iteraNt iteratE Nattier Nitrate paiNter paretiC partieD partieR partieS partLet paStier patieNt patriOt patterN patterS pattieS peatiEr periaPt pertaiN pettiEr pHatter piaSter piaStre piCrate pirateD pirateS pLaiter pLatier pLatter pOttier pratieS prattLe priMate priVate pUttier ratiteS rattieR repaiNt reptaNt Spatter Spitter Striate tapSter tartieR taStier tatTier tertiaL tertiaN tipCart tipSter titraTe traipSe tripaRt tripLet tripPet triptaN Wiretap

Extensions: BIpartite TRIpartite BIpartiteLY SEXpartite# UNIpartite# MULTIpartite QUADRIpartite TRIpartiteLY# PALMATIpartite# PINNATIpartite# QUINQUEpartite#

Sub-anagrams: ae ai air airt ait ape aper apt apter ar are art at ate atrip att attire ear eat er era et eta irate ire it pa pair par pare part pat pate pater patter pattie pe pea pear peart peat per peri pert pet petit petti pi pia pie pier pieta pirate pit pita pitta prat prate pratie rai rap rape rapt rat rate ratite re reap rei rep ret retia ria rip ripe rite ta tae tap tape taper tapir tar tare tarp tart tat tate tater te tea tear teat tepa terai tet tetra tetri ti tie tier tip tire tit titer titre trait trap trapt treat tret trip tripe trite

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