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December 1st, 2019: SEXTAN

Definition: SEXTAN*SEXTANS n a recurrent malarial fever

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: sextanS sextanT

Ana-hooks: antIsex sextaIn Untaxes

'Typos': sexton

Blana-grams: aBsent aGents aMents aneNst ansAte antRes asCent asSent asteRn astOne atOnes axItes axOnes Basnet enaCts enatEs ensatE exaCts exaLts exEats exPats extanT extasY extRas Fasten Hasten Latens Laxest Mantes nasUte neFast Patens Pesant saneSt sateEn seCant seJant senatE snaSte snatHe sneatH staMen stanCe staneD staneS stanZe staYne steanE steanS steRna sYntax taxeRs taxIes taxMen taxOns tenIas tHanes tIneas tIsane tRanse Unseat xenIas Yentas Zantes

Extensions: sextanTS sextanSES sextanTAL

Sub-anagrams: ae an ane anes ant ante antes ants as at ate ates ax axe axes ea ean eans eas east eat eats en ens es est et eta etas etna etnas ex na nae nas nat nates nats ne neat neats nest net nets next nexts sae san sane sant sat sate sax sea sean seat sen sena sent set seta sex sext st stane stean sten ta tae taes tan tane tans tas tax taxes te tea teas ten tens tes texas

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