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July 4th, 2019: REPAND

Definition: REPAND adj having a wavy margin

Anagrams: pander

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: aprOned Operand padrOne panderS pandOre pardIne pardneR parPend pranCed pranGed pranKed praWned predaWn Undrape Unpared

'Typos': remand repaid

Blana-grams: aIrned aLdern apPend ardenT arpenS arpenT Bander Barned Bedpan Carped Cedarn Craned Craped daMner daMpen daMper danCer danDer danGer danKer dapHne dapPer darKen darneD darneL darneR daUner daWner deanEr dearnS denarY deparT dIaper drapeD drapeR drapeS drapeT drapeY earnEd endarT endEar enLard enrapT enTrap enWrap erRand eXpand Farden Gander Garden Grande Graped Hander Harden Harped Lander Larned Manred naCred naperY napPed napPer nardeD narKed neapEd nearEd padDer padreS paIned paIred pandAr panGed panIer panNed panTed panTer panZer parAde pardeD pardeE pardIe pardOn parenT parGed parKed parLed parPed parPen parRed parSed parTed paWned paWner peanEd pedanT pedLar penTad peTard pInder pLaned pLaner pOnder pranCe praTed praYed preMan prUned raIned raMped ranCed randeD randeM randIe ranGed ranKed ranTed rapIne rapPed rapPen raSped reapEd redanS redCap repLan Sander Snared Spader Spaned Spared Spread Traped Trepan Undear Unread Wander Warden Warned Warped Yarned Zander

Extensions: repandLY

Sub-anagrams: ad ae an and ane ape aped aper ar ard are ared arpen da dae dan dap dare darn de dean dear dearn den dern drap drape ea ean ear eard earn ed en end er era ern na nae nap nape nard nare ne neap near ned nep nerd pa pad padre pan pand pane paned par pard pare pared pe pea pean pear ped pen pend per pern prad pre rad rade ran rand rap rape raped re read rean reap red redan ren rend rep

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