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May 22nd, 2019: GLOAMING

Definition: GLOAMING*GLOAMINGS n twilight

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: gloamingS

Ana-hooks: gamBoling glamoRing

'Typos': gleaming gloating glomming glooming

Blana-grams: Flamingo galoPing gamBling ganglioN glaUming gnomiCal goaTling Homaging magnoliA malgRing mangliNg

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ag agin aging agio ago agog agoing agon ai ail aim ain al algin align aloin along am ami amigo amin amino amnio among an ani anil gag gain gal gam gamin gaming gan gang gaol gaoling gi gig giga gigman gila gin ging gingal gio glam glia glim glioma gloam glom go goa goal goaling going gon gong gonia imago in ingo io ion la lag laggin lain lam laming lang li liang lig ligan lima liman limn limo lin ling linga lingam lingo lino lion lo loam loaming loan log logan loggia logia login loin loma loming long longa ma mag magg magi mail main mal mali malign man mang mango mani mano mi mig migg mil milo mina ming mino mna mo moa moan mog moggan moi moil mol mola mon mona monal mong monial na nag nail nam naoi ngaio nil nim no nog nogg noil nom noma ogam oggin ogling oi oil oilman olm om on

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