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May 21st, 2019: PHENETIC

Definition: PHENETIC adj pertaining to a type of classificatory system

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: pheneticS

Ana-hooks: phenAcite phRenetic

'Typos': phonetic

Blana-grams: cheepinG Depeinct echinAte encipheR entheTic eUphenic hAptenic heRpetic incepteD nephRite pAtience pectineS peincteD penticeD penticeS petechiA phenGite pitchMen pRehnite pRentice Sithence teRpenic tRephine

Extensions: pheneticIST pheneticISTS

Sub-anagrams: cee cent cep cepe cete ch che cheep chenet chi chin chine chip chit cine cit cite ctene ech eche echt ee eech een eh eine en ene entice epic et etch eten eth ethe ethic ethnic etic he hen hence hent hep hept het hete hi hic hie hin hint hip hipt hit ice ich in incept inch inept it itch ne nee neep nep nepit net nete nice niche nie niece nip nit nite nth pe pec pech pecten pectin pee peen peh pein peinct pen pence pene peni penie pent pentice pet ph phene phenic phi pht pi pic pice picene pie piece piecen piet pin pinch pine pint pit pitch pith te tech techie tee teen ten tench tene the thee theic thein theine then thence thin thine ti tic tice tich tie tin tine tip

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