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November 6th, 2018: PROGRADE

Definition: PROGRADE adj pertaining to the orbital motion of a body

Anagrams: dragrope

Hooks: progradeD progradeS

Ana-hooks: deprograM dragropeS prograMed

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: dogNaper eardropS garroTed paderEro pardoNer parergoN parrIdge parroTed pegBoard porrIdge porTaged predaTor progerIa proPaged proraTed Teardrop Upgrader Uproared

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ado adore adorer ae aero ag age aged ager ago ape aped aper apod apode ar ard ardor are ared areg da dae dag dago dap dare darer darg darre de dear do doe doer dog doge dogear dop dopa dope doper dor dore dorp dorper dorr drag drap drape draper drear dreg droger drop ea ear eard eardrop ed egad ego er era erg ergo err gad gade gae gaed gap gape gaped gaper gapo gar gare garre garred gear ged geo go goa goad god goe goer gor gore gored gorp gorped grad grade grader grape graped grope groped groper oar oared od oda ode odea oe ogre op ope oped opera or ora orad ord order ore oread orra pa pad padre page paged pager pagod par pard pare pared pareo parer parge parged pargo parr parred pe pea peag pear ped pedro peg per po poa pod podge pore pored porer porge porged prad prao pre pro proa prod prog prore rad rade radge radger rag ragde rage raged rager rap rape raped raper rare rared re read reap rear red redo reg regar regard rego rep repo repro road roar roared rod rode roe (and 6 more)

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