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November 2nd, 2018: OPERCULE

Definition: OPERCULE*OPERCULES n an anatomical part that serves as a lid or cover

Anagrams: recouple

Hooks: operculeS

Ana-hooks: recoupleD recoupleS

'Typos': opercele opercula

Blana-grams: couplerS cupelerS cupelLer Decouple eNcolure opuleNce precluDe recoupeD

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cee cel ceorl cep cepe cere cero cerule cleep clepe clop clou clour clue col cole colure cop cope coper cor core coulee coup coupe coupee couper couple coupler cour coure cree creel creep creole crepe crop croup croupe cru crue cruel cue cup cupel cupeler cur cure curl curpel ecru ecu ee eel el elope eloper eorl er ere euro lee leep leer lep leper lere lerp leu lo lop lope loper lor lore loup loupe lour loure luce lucre lur lure oe ole olpe op ope or orc ore orle ou oup our pe pec pee peel peer pele per perce pere po pol pole poler pore poule pour pre pree pro prole proul puce pucer puer pul pule puler pur pure puree purl re rec recoup recoupe recule ree reel rep repel repo roc roe role rope roue roul roule roup ruc rue rule rupee ulcer ule up upo ur ure

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