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August 19th, 2018: PARGET


Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: pargetS

Ana-hooks: pOrtage pOtager trepaNg

'Typos': garget parged parges target

Blana-grams: aIgret argeNt argUte arpeNt Carpet Depart Drapet eMpart eNrapt eNtrap ergatE gaIter gaperS garNet garOte garRet garteR gaSper gaSter gatHer gaUper gaWper grapeD grapeS grapeY grapLe graSte grateD grateR grateS greatS gYrate Hatpeg Orgeat pagerS paLter paNter parAge pareNt parteD parteR paSter paterA paterS patTer patZer pearSt petarA petarD petarS petarY pIrate pLater pOtage prateD prateR prateS pratIe preaCt pretaX prOtea pterIa ragtOp repaSt repEat retagS retapE rUgate Sparge Stager tagGer taMper taperS tapPer targeD targeS tepHra terapH tergaL tHreap tOerag trapeD trapeS trepaN trIage Uprate Uptear

Extensions: pargetED pargetER pargetERS pargetING pargetTED pargetINGS pargetTING pargetTINGS

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age ager ape aper apert apt apter ar are areg aret art at ate ea ear eat er era erg et eta gae gap gape gaper gar gare gart gat gate gear geat get geta grape grat grate great pa page pager par pare parge part pat pate pater pe pea peag pear peart peat peg per pert pet petar prat prate pre rag rage rap rape rapt rat rate re reap reg rep ret retag ta tae tag tap tape taper tar tare targe tarp te tea tear teg tepa terga trap trape

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