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July 8th, 2018: CEDILLA

Definition: CEDILLA*CEDILLAS n a pronunciation mark

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: cedillaS

Ana-hooks: caVilled decliNal Medallic

'Typos': codilla

Blana-grams: alcAide alcAlde alleLic alliceS cadellE cailleS caliCle caMelid caViled cHallie cHilled ciTadel claiMed cOdille cOllide cOllied cUllied dallieD dallieR dallieS deciMal declaiM decRial delTaic dialecT dialleD dialleL dialleR diSleal edicTal ellaGic Flailed Gallied Helical iceBall iceFall ideallY iNlaced laldieS leXical liMacel Maliced Medical Micella Radicel Radicle Rallied Sallied Scailed Scalled Tallied Vialled

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acid ad ae ai aid aide ail ailed al alcid ale alec all allice allied cad cade cadi cadie caid caille calid call called callid cedi ceil cel cell cella celli cid cide ciel cill clad clade clied da dace dae dal dale dali dalle de deal decal dei deil del deli dell di dial dice die diel dill ea ecad ed eild el eld eliad ell ice iced id ide idea ideal idle ilea ileac ileal ill la lac lace laced lad lade ladle laic laid laldie lea lead leal led lei li lice lid lie lied lilac

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