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November 29th, 2017: OREAD

Definition: OREAD*OREADS n a mountain nymph in Greek mythology

Anagrams: adore oared

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: adoreD adoreR adoreS deoDar doGear Fedora Loader oraTed ordeaL oreadS radoMe redoWa reLoad roadeO roadIe roaMed roaRed Sarode Soared

'Typos': bread dread tread

Blana-grams: aBode aCred adDer adoBe adorN adoZe aFore aIder aIred aLder aNdro aNode arCed ardeB ardoR arMed aroId aroSe Barde Bared Beard Board Bored Broad Cadre Cared Cedar Coder Cored Credo dareD dareR dareS daTer deaIr dearS dearY deBar deCor deNar deraT deraY derMa deWar doBra doerS doPer doreS dorSa doSer doTer doUra doWer doZer draKe draPe draVe dreaM dreaR droKe droNe droVe earEd erodE Fader Fared Gored Grade Hared Heard Hoard Horde Irade Lader Madre Morae oaKed oaTer oCrea odDer oLder oPera oraTe orBed ordeR Padre Pared Pareo Pedro Pored raCed radIo radoN raGed raKed raPed raRed raSed raTed raVed raXed raYed raZed readD readS readY redaN redIa redoN redoS redoX reSod roadS roBed rodeO rodeS roNde roPed roSed roVed roWed Sarod Sored Tardo Tared Trade Trode Uredo Wader Wared

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ado ae aero ar are da dare de dear do doe doer dor dore ear ed er era oar od oda ode odea oe or ora orad ore rad re read red redo road rod rode roe

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