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November 1st, 2016: BING

Definition: BING interj {mdash} used to indicate a sudden action

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: bingE bingO

Ana-hooks: bEgin bEing bLing bOing bRing

'Typos': bang bind bine bins bint biog bong bung ding king ling ping ring sing ting wing zing

Blana-grams: Agin bAni bigS bLin bRig bRin gAin gibE gibS giEn ginK ginS giRn gLib gRin inbY nibS nigH Sign Snib

Extensions: CUbing EBbing GIbing GYbing JIbing LUbing ORbing RObing TUbing bingED bingER bingES bingOS bingS# bingY# BARbing BIBbing BOBbing BOMbing BOObing BRIbing BUbingA CABbing COMbing CUBbing CURbing DABbing DAUbing DIBbing DUBbing DUMbing FIBbing FOBbing FUBbing GABbing GARbing GIBbing GLObing GOBbing HOBbing JABbing JAMbing JIBbing JOBbing JObing# KERbing LAMbing LIMbing LOBbing LObing# MOBbing NABbing NIBbing NUMbing PRObing PUBbing RIBbing ROBbing RUBbing SABbing SOBbing SORbing SUBbing TABbing TOMbing TUBbing TUbingS WEBbing bingERS bingHI# bingING bingLE# bingOES BIBbingS BLABbing BLEBbing BLOBbing BLUBbing BLURbing BOMbingS BULbing# BUbingAS CLIMbing CLUBbing COBbing# COMbingS CRABbing CRIBbing CRUMbing CURbingS DOBbing# DRABbing DRIBbing DRUBbing DUBbingS ENRObing FLUBbing GIbingLY GRABbing GRUBbing (and 229 more)

Sub-anagrams: bi big bin gi gib gin in nib

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