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December 27th, 2015: PRATIE

Definition: not available

Anagrams: pirate pteria

Hooks: pratieS

Ana-hooks: apteriA Diptera paiNter paretiC partieD partieR partieS partiTe paStier peatiEr periaPt pertaiN piaSter piaStre piCrate pirateD pirateS pLaiter pLatier priMate priVate repaiNt traipSe Wiretap

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aiGret aireSt airteD apLite arKite arMpit arpeNt artieR artieS aSpire atTire Baiter Barite Carpet Depart Diaper Drapet eMpart eNrapt eNtrap epEira eSprit eXtirp Gaiter iMaret iMpart irateR Karite Matier Nipter Opiate paCier paireD paireS paLier paLter paNier paNter paNtie parDie pareNt parGet parieS paritY parKie parteD parteR partiM partiS paSter paStie paterA paterS patiNe patTer patTie patZer pearSt peraiS perEia peritI perMit petarA petarD petarS petarY petSai pierSt pietaS piNeta pitarA pitIer pitTer pLater praiSe prateD prateR prateS preaCt preMia pretaX prieSt priVet prOtea prOtei pteriN pYrite raiteD rapieR rapiNe rapiSt ratiNe ratiTe reBait reDipt repaiD repaiR repaSt repEat retaiL retaiN retapE retiaL retiNa ripeSt Satire Sitrep Spirea Sprite Striae Stripe taiLer taiVer taKier taMper taperS tapeTi tapirS tapPer taUpie taWier taWpie tepHra teraiS terapH terBia terTia tHreap tipPer tiraDe trapeD trapeS trepaN trepiD triaGe tripeS tripeY tripLe tYpier Uprate Uptear Waiter

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ai air airt ait ape aper apert apt apter ar are aret art at ate atrip ea ear eat er era et eta irate ire it ita pa pair paire par pare part parti pat pate pater pe pea pear peart peat per perai peri pert pet petar pi pia pie pier piert piet pieta pir pit pita prat prate pre rai rait rap rape rapt rat rate re reap rei rep ret retia ria rip ripe ript rit rite ta tae tai tap tape taper tapir tar tare tarp te tea tear tepa terai ti tiar tie tier tip tire trap trape trie trip tripe

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