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November 9th, 2015: DENTARY

Definition: DENTARY*DENTARIES n the lower jaw in mammals

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: ardentLy arOynted Pedantry

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aGentry antIred ardenCy Bartend darneSt daUnter deanEry detraIn deXtran dIetary draGnet drayMen Granted Gyrated Hydrant Hydrate Lyrated natUred neCtary reynaRd Stander Strayed tanNery tanyArd tardyOn ternaRy tHready tIndery traGedy traIned tranCed tranKed Unrated Unready Untread Verdant yardMen yearEnd yearnEd

Extensions: SEdentary SEMISEdentary

Sub-anagrams: ad ae aery an and ane ant ante anted antre any ar ardent are art arty at ate ay aye da dan dare darn dart date dater day de dean dear deary den denar denary dent deny derat deray dey drat dray dry dye dyer dyne ear earn eat ed en end entry er era ern et eta etna eyra na nae nard nary nay ne near neat nerd nerdy net rad ran rand randy rant ranted rat rate rated ray rayed re read ready red redan rend rent ret rya rye rynd ta tad tae tan tar tardy tare tared tarn te tea tear teary ted ten tend tern trad trade tray tread trend trendy trey try tye tyer tyne tyned tyre tyred ya yar yard yare yarn yarned ye yea yean year yearn yen yenta yer yet

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