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October 14th, 2015: CLEAROUT

Definition: CLEAROUT*CLEAROUTS n the action of removing unwanted material from a place

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: clearoutS

Ana-hooks: Nucleator Peculator recouNtal urceolatE

'Typos': cleanout clearcut

Blana-grams: acCouter acCoutre acroleCt aeroDuct Bluecoat Brocatel calutroN carouSel cHelator cHlorate clotureD clotureS clouterS colLaret coPulate corelatE coulterS couraNte crateFul crotaleS cultraTe eDucator eMulator erotIcal lacteouS locaterS locuLate locuStae lorIcate ocCulter oeStrual oPercula oSculate outcaPer outcraWl outGlare outlearN outPlace outraceD outraceS outraNce outreacH Pectoral relocatE retIcula roSulate Sectoral traucHle trocHlea ulceratE

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acre acro act actor acute acuter ae aero al ale alec alert aloe alt alter alto ar arc arco are art artel at ate auto cal calo car care caret carl carle carol cart carte cartel cat cate cater caul cel celt ceorl cero cert claret claro clear cleat clot cloture clour clout clouter clue coal coaler coat coater col cola cole colt colter colure cor coral core cot cote coteau coulter court couter crate crotale croute cru cruel cruet cuatro cue culet cult cur curate cure curet curl curt curtal cut cute cuter cutler ear earl eat eau eclat eco ecru ecu el er era eruct et eta euro la lac lace lacer lar lat late later latu lea lear lector let leu lo loca locate locater lor lore lot lota lour lout luce lucre lure lute lutea oar oat oater oca ocrea octal ocular oe ole olea or ora oracle oral orate orc orca ore orle ort our out outa outer outrace outre race rale rat rate ratel rato re react real rec recoal recoat recta rectal recto recut reluct ret roc roe role rot rota rote rotl roue rout route rucola rue rule rut ta tace (and 48 more)

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