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October 12th, 2015: LONICERA

Definition: LONICERA*LONICERAS n a shrub with fragrant flowers

Anagrams: acrolein colinear

Hooks: loniceraS

Ana-hooks: acroleinS aleUronic arecolinE cenSorial clarioneD clarioneT colLinear coralLine corneliaN encHorial Floricane Porcelain recoalinG

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acTioner aileronS alBicore alienorS aMelcorn anoreTic anoreXic aPocrine Bioclean Braciole caBriole calorieS caloriZe caPonier caPriole carBinol carilLon carioleS carlineS carolinG carRiole cHlorine cilanTro clanKier clarineT clarionS clearinG clonKier coCinera coinaBle colanDer conelraD conTrail corniCle cornMeal creaTion eroTical Falconer Fornical Geraniol Heroical incloSer irenIcal ironclaD ironIcal lancierS licenSor loricaTe noVercal orienTal oVerlain Pelorian Procaine reacTion reGional relacinG relaTion reliancE rePlicon rocailLe Scenario Veronica

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acne acorn acre acro ae aeon aeonic aero ai ail aileron ain air airn al ale alec alien alienor aline aliner alnico aloe aloin alone an ane ani anil anile anole ar arc arco are areic ariel aril cain cairn cal calo calorie can cane caner canoe canoer car care cariole carl carle carlin carline carn carnie carol caroli ceil cel ceorl ceria cero ciao cine cineol cion cire clan clarion claro clean clear cline clon clone cloner coal coaler coalier coil coiler coin coiner coir col cola cole colin con cone coni cor coral core coria corn cornea corneal cornel crane crone ear earl earn eclair eco el elain elan eloin en enol enolic enrol eolian eon er era erica ern ice icon ilea ileac in inlace inro ion ire iron irone la lac lace lacer lacier laic lain lair lance lancer lane lar lari larine larn lea lean lear learn lei leno li liane liar lice lie lien lier lin linac line linear liner lino lion lira lire lo loan loaner loca loci locie loin lone loner lor loran lore lorica loricae lorn na nacre nae nail nailer naoi narc narco naric ne near nerol neroli nice (and 73 more)

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