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September 3rd, 2015: CABER

Definition: CABER*CABERS n a heavy pole thrown as a trial of strength

Anagrams: acerb brace cabre

Hooks: caberS

Ana-hooks: bacKer braceD braceR braceS breacH cabrIe caMber carIbe ceMbra craMbe Decarb rebacK rUbace

'Typos': cabre cager caner caper carer cater caver cuber saber taber

Blana-grams: abceE abeAr abLer abOre acerS acreD acreS aMber arceD arDeb arecA areIc baKer baLer barBe barcA barDe bareD bareR bareS barGe barIc barRe barYe baSer beacH bearD bearE bearS becaP beGar beraY bLaer bLare bLear bracH bracK bracT braeS braKe braMe braVe braZe breaD breaK breaM cabLe caDre carbO carbS carbY careD careS careT careX carLe carOb carSe carTe carVe ceDar ceIba cerIa cHare cLear cOarb cObra cOrbe crabS craKe craMe craNe craPe craRe craTe craVe craZe creaK creaM creNa Debar eMbar erbIa erIca eScar Facer Farce Garbe Grace Kebar Lacer Macer Nacre Ocrea Pacer rabIc raceD raceR raceS racHe raNce reacH reacT rebaR rebEc recaL recaP recTa reHab Sabre Scare Scrab Scrae Serac Trace Varec Yerba Zebra

Extensions: MAcaber caberNET caberNETS ScaberULOUS MAcaberESQUE

Sub-anagrams: ab ace acer acre ae ar arb arc are ba bac bar bare be bear bra brae cab car carb care crab ea ear er era race re reb rec

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