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August 2nd, 2015: SIEVERT

Definition: not available

Anagrams: restive stiever veriest verites

Hooks: sievertS

Ana-hooks: evirAtes Nerviest reiNvest restRive reveRist riveRets riveteRs servieNt severitY sirveNte treviseS verDites veritIes vertiCes vestrieS vetiVers

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Aeriest Brevets Cerites Derives Deviser Diester Dieters Diverse Diverts eeriEst eNtires eNtries eNviers erOsive estOver etrieRs eviLest evirAte Festive Grieves Grivets Heister iNverse iNverts ivresSe Keister Kiester Leister Leviers Levites Lievest Meister Metiers Nerites Overset Pestier Previse Prieves Privets reBites reCites reeDits reeMits reGives reisteD reiteRs reiveRs reLives resiteD resiteS resPite restieR retiLes retiMes retiNes retiRes retRies reveRsi reveRts revestS revieWs reviLes reviseD reviseR reviseS revisIt reviVes revOtes revUist rieveRs riveRet riveteD riveteR sCrieve seriAte serviCe serviLe sHrieve steevEr steriLe sterveD sterveS steWier stiverS stivIer striveD striveN striveR striveS stUiver sUetier sveLter tAivers teNsive terRies tesTier tHieves tHrives tierCes tOrsive treMies treNise treveTs trevisS trieNes triseMe triveTs vAstier veeriEs veiLers veiNers veLites veNires veNites veNters veNtres verDets verDite verDits veristS veritAs versetS versiNe versteS versUte vertUes verVets vestiGe vestUre vetiVer vetOers vieWers virtUes visItee visIter vitesSe viteXes Zestier

Extensions: MILLIsievertS MILLIsievert(S)

Sub-anagrams: ee er ere eres ers erst es est ester et eve ever evert everts eves evet evets evite evites ire ires is it its re ree rees reest rei reis reist reive reives res reset resit resite rest ret rete retes retie reties rets rev revest revet revets revie revies revise revs rieve rieves rise rit rite rites rits rive rives rivet rivets see seer sei seir ser sere serve set sever si sieve sir sire siree sit site siver sri st steer stere sterve stie stieve stir stire stive stiver strive te tee teer teers tees teres terse tes ti tie tier tiers ties tire tires tis tree trees tres trevis trie tries vee veer veers vees verist verite vers verse verset verst verste vert verts vest vet vets vie vier viers vies vire vires vis vise vite

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