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May 28th, 2015: ROTTE

Definition: ROTTE*ROTTES n a medieval stringed instrument

Anagrams: otter torte toter

Hooks: rotteD rotteN rotteR rotteS

Ana-hooks: Bettor Cotter Detort Dotter eXtort Hotter Jotter otterS Potter retoRt rotAte toLter toOter torRet torteN torteS toterS totHer totTer toUter

'Typos': botte lotte motte roate ronte route

Blana-grams: Arett Doter erGot eStro Fetor Forte Metro Motet Noter oAter oCtet oFter oPter orAte otHer ottAr oUter oUtre oVert oXter Petto reCto rePot retRo roSet roteD roteS roZet Store tArot tAter teNor tertS tetrA tHroe tIter tItre toKer toNer toPer toreS torOt torSe tortS toteD toteM toteS toWer toYer treAt treSt tretS trIte troAt troDe troKe troNe troPe trotH trotS troUt troVe tUtor tWoer Utter Voter Wrote

Extensions: TrotteD TrotteR rotteNS rotteRS GArotteD GArotteS TrotteRS UNrotteD UNrotteN rotteNER rotteNLY GARrotteD GARrotteS GArotteRS rotteNEST DOGTrotteD FOXTrotteD GARrotteRS GArotte(S) OUTTrotteD rotteNNESS BOGTrotteRS FrotteUR(S) GARrotte(S) GArotteR(S) rotteNSTONE GARrotteR(S) GLOBETrotteR rotteNNESSES rotteNSTONED rotteNSTONES BOGTrotteR(S) GLOBETrotteRS rotteNSTONING GLOBETrotteR(S)

Sub-anagrams: er et oe or ore ort re ret roe rot rote te tet to toe tor tore tort tot tote tret trot

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