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April 26th, 2015: SLANTIER

Definition: 1. SLANTIER adjective_comparative (see SLANTY 1) 2. SLANTY*SLANTIER*SLANTIEST adj deviating from the horizontal or vertical

Anagrams: entrails latrines ratlines retinals trenails

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Cisternal Clarinets elatErins entailErs Gnarliest inFlaters instalLer inteGrals interlaPs interlaYs interNals interVals larCenist Mislearnt nearliEst Orientals reinstalL relatiOns reslatinG retinUlas saintlIer serOtinal snarlieSt sterilanT tensOrial terMinals traMlines traPlines treEnails trianGles triPlanes

'Typos': scantier slangier

Blana-grams: ailerOns ailMents airlInes alertinG alienErs alienIst alienOrs aliGners aliMents alterinG alUnites anGriest anGstier antiserA arenitEs arsenitE artesiAn artiCles artinesS asternAl astrinGe ateliErs aUntlier Banister Barniest Blastier Canistel Canister Carlines Centrals Ceratins Cisterna Clarinet Creatins Detrains Dilaters earliEst elastinS elatErin elatiOns enGrails enlistEr entailEr entHrals entraiNs etErnals Fainters Frailest Ganister Gantries Gelatins Genitals Glariest Granites Hairnets ineartHs inertIal inertIas inFlater inFlates inGrates inHalers inlaYers insOlate instaBle insUlate insUlter inteGral interlaP interlaY interNal interVal intHrals intreaTs islanDer Keratins lairIest laMister lanCiers lanKiest lanterNs larDiest larKiest laserinG leariEst liBrates listenEr listerIa litanIes literaLs lUstrine Manliest Marliest Marlines Marlites Melanist Minarets Minerals Minstrel Misalter Mislearn nailsetS narGiles narKiest neUtrals nitraTes nitrIles nOtaries nOtarise Oriental Painters Panelist Pantiles Pantries Pertains Pilaster Pinaster Plainest Plaister Plaiters Planters Pralines Pristane raiMents rainIest rainlesS ranDiest ranGiest ratAnies raVelins realiGns realistS realtiEs reCitals reDtails reEnlist relatinG relatiOn relaXins rePaints rePlants resinatE restRain retinOls retinUla retRains retRials retsinaS rinGlets rinsaBle rUinates salientS salternS saltierS saltineS saltireS santeriA satinIer seatrAin senOrita siGnaler silentEr slatTern sMaltine snarlieR sPlinter stainerS stalKier starliKe starlinG stealinG stearinE stearinS steriCal sterlinG straineD straineR straiTen stranGle taCrines taGlines talLiers tanGlers tanGlier taUrines telErans tenDrils tenUrial terMinal terRains terTials terTians tHerians tinGlers tinKlers tinWares tOenails tOnsilar traileRs traineEs traineRs traMline tranNies traPline treEnail trianGle trinDles triPlane Uralites Uranites Urinates Ventails Ventrals

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ai ail ails ain ains air airest airn airns airs airt airts ais aisle ait aits al ale alert alerts ales alien aliens aline aliner aliners alines alist alit als alt alter alters alts an ane anes anestri ani anil anile anils anis anise ant ante antes anti antis antler antlers antre antres ants antsier ar are ares ariel ariels aril arils arise arisen arles ars arse arsine art artel artels arts artsie as aster astern astir at ate ates ear earl earls earn earns ears east eat eats el elain elains elan elans elastin elint elints els en enlist ens entail entails entia er era eras ern erns ers erst es est estral estrin et eta etas etna etnas ilea in inert inerts inlet inlets ins insert inset instal instar inter inters irate ire ires is isle islet istle it its la lain lair lairs lane lanes lar lares lari larine laris larn larns larnt lars las lase laser last laster lat late laten latens later lati latrine lats lea lean leans leant lear learn learns learnt lears leas least lei leis lenis lens lent les lest let lets li liane lianes liar liars lias lie lien liens (and 334 more)

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