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January 1st, 2015: ORPHICAL

Definition: ORPHICAL adj orphic

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: parochiAl

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acroliTh aTrophic calThrop capriolE hairlocK hEroical oliGarch orchilLa orichalC pachoUli parhElic picloraM pilcharD poachiEr prochaiN proclaiM Tropical

Extensions: orphicalLY ISOMorphicalLY METAMorphicalLY POLYMorphicalLY AUTOMorphicalLY# IDIOMorphicalLY# XENOMorphicalLY#

Sub-anagrams: acro ah ahi ai ail air al alp apo ar arc arch archi archil arco aril cal caliph calo cap caph capo capri car carhop carl carol caroli carp carpi chai chair chao chap char chi chia chiao chip chiral chiro chirp choil choir chola choli chop choral chorial ciao clap claro clip clop coal coil coir col cola cop copal copra coprah cor coral coria crap crip crop ha hail hair halo hao hap harl harp hi hic hila hilar hip ho hoar holp hop hora horal ich ichor la lac lah laic laich lair lap lar larch lari li liar lich lip lipa lipo lira lo loach loca loch lochia loci lop lor lorica oar oca och oh ohia oi oil op opa opah opal or ora orach oral orc orca orchil orphic pa pac pah pail pair pal pali par parch parol phi phial pho pi pia pial pic pica pical picaro pilar plica po poach poh poi pol polar porch prao pro proa rah rai rail ralph rap rho ria rial rich rip roach roc roil

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