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October 31st, 2014: TARGE

Definition: TARGE*TARGES n a small, round shield

Anagrams: grate great retag terga

Hooks: targeD targeS targeT

Ana-hooks: aIgret argeNt argUte ergatE gaIter garGet garNet garOte garRet garteR gaSter gatHer graSte grateD grateR grateS greatS gYrate Orgeat Parget retagS rUgate Stager tagGer tergaL tOerag trIage

'Typos': barge large marge parge sarge tarre

Blana-grams: aFter agAte ageNt agerS agGer agLet agreE aLert aLter aNger aNtre aPert aPter aretE aretS aretT argLe argOt argUe arMet arRet arteL aSter aUger aVert aYgre Begar Begat Cager Caret Carte Cater Crate Dater Derat eagEr eagrE earSt eartH eatEr egGar egrEt ergOt etagE eXtra Frate gaGer gaMer gaPer garBe garRe gartH gateD gateS gatOr gaYer gaZer gearE gearS geatS geraH getaS gLare graCe graDe graFt graMe graNt graPe graVe graZe greEt grOat Hater Heart Irate Jager Lager Later Mater Oater Orate Pager Pater Peart Petar Prate raDge ragDe rageD rageE rageR rageS raMet raNge rateD rateL rateR rateS ratHe reaCt reaSt reatA reatE reCta regaL regaR regMa regNa reNga reSat retaX retIa rOate rUgae Sager Segar Stage Stare Stear Strae Strag taBer taKer taLer taMer taPer tareD tareS taSer taTer taVer taWer taXer tearS tearY tegUa teraI teraS terRa teTra tHrae tIger tOgae traCe traDe tragI traPe traVe treaD treaT treFa treMa tUgra Urate Wager Water Wrate Yager

Extensions: targeTS targeTED NONtargeT REtargeTS targeTEER targeTING REtargeTED targeTABLE targeTEERS REtargeT(S) REtargeTING

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age ager ar are areg aret art at ate ea ear eat er era erg et eta gae gar gare gart gat gate gear geat get geta grat rag rage rat rate re reg ret ta tae tag tar tare te tea tear teg

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