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October 22nd, 2014: SPARGE


Anagrams: gapers gasper grapes pagers parges

Hooks: spargeD spargeR spargeS

Ana-hooks: aspergE eNgrasp gasperS gaspIer gaUpers gaWpers grapLes graspeD graspeR parAges pargeTs presagE prIsage spaDger spaIrge spreagH

'Typos': sparke sparre sparse spurge

Blana-grams: agGers agreEs agrIse aNgers argLes argUes arpeNs asperS aspIre aUgers Barges Begars Cagers Capers Crapes Degras Drapes eagErs eagrEs egGars esCarp gaGers gaMers garBes garRes gasHer gaspeD gasSer gasTer gaUper gaWper gaZers gearEs geraHs gLares graCes graDes graIps graMes graMps grapeD grapeY grapHs grapLe graspS grasTe graTes graVes graZes greasE greasY greaTs grIpes grOpes grYpes gYrase Hepars Jagers Japers Jasper Lagers Lapser Larges Lepras Marges Operas paCers paDres pagLes pagrIs paIres paPers parAge pareOs pareRs pareUs pargeD pargeT pargOs parIes parLes parseC parseD parseR parseS paseAr pasSer pasTer paTers paUser paVers paWers paYers peagEs pearEs pearLs pearsT peraIs peTars pHages pHares pHrase pLages pOrges praIse praNgs praseS praTes praXes preasE pUrges raDges rageEs rageRs raNges rapeRs rapHes raspeD raspeR reCaps regaLs regaRs reMaps reNgas repasS repasT repaYs repEgs reTags sagGer sagIer saNger sapegO sapPer sarApe sargeS saUger sCrape seCpar segarS segGar sepMag seraNg serapE serapH sHaper sHerpa sOaper sOrage spaCer spaDer spaerS spareD spareR spareS spearS spearY spHaer spHear spIrea spragS spraNg spreaD sTager sWager Tapers Targes Trapes Usager Wagers Yagers

Extensions: spargeRS

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age ager agers ages ape aper apers apes apres apse ar are areg ares ars arse as asp asper ea ear ears eas er era eras erg ergs ers es gae gaes gap gape gaper gapes gaps gar gare gars gas gasp gear gears grape grasp pa page pager pages par pare pares parge pars parse pas pase pe pea peag peags pear pears peas peg pegs per pes prase pre presa rag rage rages rags rap rape rapes raps ras rase rasp re reap reaps reg regs rep reps res sae sag sage sager sap sar sarge sea sear seg segar ser sera spa spae spaer spag spar spare spear sprag

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