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June 12th, 2014: RECIT

Definition: not available

Anagrams: citer recti trice

Hooks: recitE recitS

Ana-hooks: ceritE citerS citHer creDit cretiC cretiN cUiter cUriet cUrite Direct erOtic Metric reLict Steric terBic terciO tHrice ticKer tiercE triceD triceS tWicer Uretic

'Typos': fecit rebit recti recut refit relit remit resit

Blana-grams: Areic Artic Biter cAret cArte cAter cerCi ceriA ceriC certS ceSti cHert cHirt ciDer cireS citeD citeS ciVet crAte crePt creSt crieD crieR crieS criMe criNe criPe criSe critH critS crUet cUret cUrie cUter cUtie Dicer Drice eDict erEct ericA ericK ericS erUct etHic eVict Freit Grice icerS icIer icKer iNert iNter irAte itHer Kiter Liter Litre Merit Metic Miter Mitre Nicer Niter Nitre Piert Price reAct rectA rectO reiSt reLic retcH retiA retiE riceD riceR riceS riceY ricHt riFte riteS riVet Seric Stire teLic terAi tercE tHeic tHeir ticeD ticeS tierS tiGer tiLer tiMer tireD tireS tiTer tiTre tOric trAce trecK treiF triAc triBe tricK triDe trieD trieR trieS triKe triNe triPe triTe trUce tWice tWier tWire Ureic Urite Uteri Write Xeric

Extensions: recitAL recitED recitER recitES PrecitED recitALS recitERS recitING recitALIST recitATION recitATIVE recitATIVI recitATIVO recitALISTS recitATIONS recitATIVES recitATIVOS recitATIONIST recitATIONISTS

Sub-anagrams: cert cire cit cite crit er eric et etic ice icer ire it re rec rei ret rice rit rite te ti tic tice tie tier tire trie

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