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April 1st, 2014: CESTAS

Definition: 1. CESTAS noun_plural (see CESTA 1) 2. CESTA*CESTAS n a basket used in jai* alai* (a game played with a small hard ball)

Anagrams: castes

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: actRess asceNts ascItes asPects caestUs casKets casteRs castLes cUestas ecstasY ectasEs ectasIs Recasts sacHets scatHes secaNts stacTes staNces

'Typos': centas cestos cestus festas vestas

Blana-grams: acCess acUtes asceNt ascOts asPect asseNt asseRt assetS asteRs Basest Basset Bastes Beasts caDets caRess caRets caRses caRtes casHes casKet casteR castLe cateRs caUses ceasEs cHases cHasse cHaste cHeats cHests cLasts cLeats cOasts cOsets cOsset cOstae cRases cRates cRests cUesta ecLats eNacts ePacts escaRs escOts eXacts Facets Fasces Feasts Hastes Leasts Pastes Reacts Recast sacHet saFest saGest saIces saNest saUces saUtes saYest scaLes scaNts scaPes scaRes scaRts scatHe scatTs sceNas sceNts scUtes secaNt seRacs sIesta sKates sLates sPaces sPates sPects stacKs stacTe staDes staGes staKes staLes staNce staNes staPes staRes staseS staTes staVes steaDs steaKs steaLs steaMs sWeats tacHes taseRs tasseL tasseS tasseT tassIe tasTes taWses teasEs tesLas tRaces tsaDes Wastes Yeasts

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces act acts ae as ass asset at ate ates case cases cast caste casts cat cate cates cats cess cesta east easts eat eats es ess est ests et eta etas sac sacs sae sat sate sates scat scats sea seas seat seats sec secs sect sects set seta sets ta tace taces tae tas tase tases tass tasse te tea teas tec tecs tes

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