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March 15th, 2014: PRAEFECT

Definition: PRAEFECT*PRAEFECTS n prefect

Anagrams: perfecta

Hooks: praefectS

Ana-hooks: perfectaS

'Typos': praelect

Blana-grams: acCepter afFecter Becarpet carpeteD etHercap etTercap eXcerpta peNcraft peracUte perceaNt perfectI perfectO perfectS preacteD preeNact prefaceD prefaceR prefaceS prefectS reacCept tYpeface

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acre act ae afreet aft after ape aper apert apt apter ar arc are aret arete arf art at ate cafe cap cape caper car care caret carp carpet cart carte cat cate cater cee cep cepe cerate cere cert cete craft crap crape crate create cree creep crepe crept ea ear eat eater ecarte ee ef eft epact er era ere erect erf et eta etape fa face facer facet facete fact fap far farce fare fart fat fate fear feare feat feater fee feer feet fer fere fet feta fete fra fract frae frap frat frate free freet fret pa pac pace pacer pact par pare part pat pate pater pe pea peace pear pearce peare peart peat pec pee peer per perce pere perea perfect perfet pert pet petar peter petre prat prate pre preace preact pree preface prefect race raft rap rape rapt rat rate re react reap reate rec recap recept recta ree reef ref reface refect reft rep repeat ret retape rete ta tace tae tap tape taper tar tare tarp te tea tear tee teer tef tepa terce terefa terf terfe trace trap trape tree tref trefa

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