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January 15th, 2014: SPANCEL


Anagrams: enclasp

Hooks: spancelS

Ana-hooks: capelAns capelIns clapneTs cleanUps enclaspS panIcles pelIcans plancHes scalepAn Unplaces

'Typos': spaniel

Blana-grams: alpeEns alpInes anlAces Beclasp calenDs caMples canApes canCels canDles canGles canNels canTles capelAn capelIn caplesS capleTs caplIns capsUle caRpels caTneps censUal cenTals cHapels clapneT claspeD claspeR cleansE cleanUp cRaples cYpsela elancEs encalMs encaMps enlacEs escalOp espanOl Glances Inclasp Inlaces Inscape lacUnes lanceRs lanceTs lancHes laUnces naplesS palAces panIcle paRcels paUnces paWnces pecHans pelIcan pencEls pencIls penNals pIncase pIneals placeRs placeTs plaIces plancHe planeRs planeTs plaTens pRances Rancels Reclasp Replans sanIcle scalenE scalenI scaleUp scalpeD scalpeL scalpeR scanTle scapPle slacKen spacKle spanGle specIal specUla spelEan splenIa splenIc Uncapes Unclasp Unlaces Unplace Unscale Upleans Upscale

Extensions: spancelED spancelING spancelLED spancelLING

Sub-anagrams: ace aces acne acnes ae aesc al ale alec alecs ales alp alps als an ance ancle ancles ane anes ape apes apse as asp aspen calp calps can cane canes cans cap cape capes caple caples caps case ceas cel cels cens cep ceps claes clan clans clap claps clasp clean cleans ea ean eans eas el elan elans els en ens es la lac lace laces lacs lance lances lane lanes lap laps lapse las lase lea lean leans leap leaps leas lens lep leps les na nae nap nape napes naps nas ne neal neals neap neaps nep neps pa pac pace paces pacs pal pale pales pals pan pance pances pane panel panels panes pans pas pase pe pea peal peals pean peans peas pec pecan pecans pecs pela pelas pen penal pens pes place places plan plane planes plans plea pleas plena sac sae sal sale salep salp san sane sap scale scalp scan scape scena sea seal sean sec sel sen sena sepal slae slane slap snap sneap spa space spae spale span spane speal spean spec

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