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September 28th, 2013: PTERIN

Definition: PTERIN*PTERINS n a chemical compound

Anagrams: nipter

Hooks: pterinS

Ana-hooks: enpriNt ineptEr nipterS pAinter pertAin pOinter printeD printeR prOtein pteriOn repAint repOint repRint repUnit trOpine

'Typos': pteria

Blana-grams: Arpent Cretin Dipnet enGirt enrApt entirE entrAp eSprit eStrin eXtirp Hinter inCept inertS inSert inStep interN interS intIre inVert Linter Minter nepitS neritE nipPer niterS niterY nitreS nOrite Orient Orpine pAnier pAnter pAntie pArent pAtine peCtin peinCt peritI perKin perMit pierSt piMent pinCer pinDer pinerY pinetA pinGer pinIer pinIte pinKer pinNer pinNet pintLe piOner pirAte pirnIe pirnIt pitIer pitMen pitTen pitTer pOinte pOntie prAtie prentS prieSt prinCe printS priVet prOine prOtei prUine pUnier pUnter pUrine pYrite rApine rAtine reDipt reKnit reMint repEnt repinE repinS retAin retinA retinE retinT riDent ripenS ripeSt Sinter Sitrep Sniper Spinet Sprent Sprint Sprite Stripe tenpiN tiepIn tinDer tinIer tinKer tinNer tinTer tipPer tOnier trepAn trepiD trienE trienS trineD trineS tripeS tripeY tripLe triUne trOpin tUnier tUrnip tWiner tYpier Uniter Unripe Virent Winter

Extensions: CHApterinG SCEpterinG AMINOpterinS HELICOpterinG XANTHOpterinE XANTHOpterinS AMINOpterin(S) XANTHOpterinES XANTHOpterin(S)

Sub-anagrams: en er ern et in inept inert inter ire it ne nep nepit net nie nip nit nite niter nitre pe pein pen peni pent per peri pern pert pet pi pie pier piert piet pin pine pint pir pirn pit pre prent print re rei rein ren rent rep repin ret rin rine rip ripe ripen ript rit rite te ten tern ti tie tier tin tine tip tire trie trin trine trip tripe

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