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September 4th, 2013: ELISION

Definition: ELISION*ELISIONS n the act of eliding

Anagrams: isoline lionise

Hooks: elisionS

Ana-hooks: eTiolins isoCline isolineS lioniseD lioniseR lioniseS lioniZes oilinesS oliVines siliCone

'Typos': elusion

Blana-grams: Anisole Cineols Conseil Doilies Dolines eloiGns enToils eosiniC ePsilon esloinS eTiolin iConise iDolise inClose inDoles inisleD inisleS inlieRs inosiTe insoleS ioDines ioliTes ioniseD ioniseR ioniseS ioniZes iRonies iRonise leGions lesionS liAison liGnose linDies linGoes liniesT linNies linTies lioneLs lionesS lioneTs lionisM lioniZe loMeins lonGies loOnies Molines neRolis nielLos noisieR noisilY oiliesT oilsKin oleFins oleinEs oliVine onliesT Pinoles Pionies seilinG siliCon siloinG sinoPie siRloin soilieR soilinG sonDeli sonliKe sPlenii Violins

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: el eloin eloins els elsin en enol enols ens eon eons eosin es esloin in inisle ins insole io ion ionise ions ios is isle iso lei leis lenis leno lenos lens les lesion li lie lien liens lies lin line lines lino linos lins lion lions lis lo loin loins lone los lose losen ne nelis nie nies nil nils nis nisei nisi no noel noels noes noil noils noise nole noles nos nose oe oes oi oil oils ole olein oleins oles on one ones ons os ose sei seil sel sen si sien sile silen sileni silo sin sine sloe so soil sol sole solei solein soli son sone

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