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March 9th, 2013: SYCAMORE

Definition: SYCAMORE*SYCAMORES n a North American tree

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: sycamoreS

Ana-hooks: cLaymores mesocraNy

'Typos': sycomore

Blana-grams: acroNyms acrosOme caLoyers caPsomer caseWorm cLaymore coarseLy comaKers comeTary comFreys comPares comraDes cosTmary cramBoes cramoIsy mayoresS mercaDos mesocarP racemosE racemoUs ramoseLy romaNces rosemaRy scLeroma

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces acme acmes acre acres acro acros ae aero aery am ar arc arco arcs are ares arm arms army arose ars arse as ay aye ayes ays cam came cameo cameos cames camo camos cams car care cares carom caroms cars carse case cay cays cero ceros coarse coma comae comas come comer comers comes cor core cores corm corms cors corse cory cos cosey cosy coy coyer coys cram crams cream creams creamy creasy cry cyma cymae cymar cymars cymas cyme cymes cymose ear ears easy eco ecos em emo emos ems er era eras eros ers es escar eyas eyra eyras ma mac mace macer macers maces macro macros macs mae maes mar marc marcs mare mares mars marse mas maser may mayo mayor mayors mayos mays me merc mercs mercy mes mesa mo moa moas moc mocs mor mora morae moras moray morays more mores mors morse mos mosey my myc mycs oar oars oca ocas ocrea ocreas oe oes om oma omas omer omers oms or ora oracy orc orca orcas orcs ore ores ors os osar oscar ose oy oyer oyers oyes race races racy ram ramose rams ras rase ray rays re (and 77 more)

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