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January 12th, 2013: RUDIMENT

Definition: RUDIMENT*RUDIMENTS n a basic principle or element

Anagrams: unmitred

Hooks: rudimentS

Ana-hooks: imPrudent ruminAted unmeritEd unmiterEd untrimMed

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: dieStrum dirIment dOrmient imBruted imPudent indurAte intrudeD intrudeR intrudeS inturNed minuetEd miStuned muntiNed murAenid muriAted mutineEr mutinIed reinduCt remintEd retinuEd reunitEd ruinAted ruminAte terminuS underLit undreAmt unmiterS unmitreS unPrimed untidIer urinAted

Extensions: rudimentAL rudimentARY rudimentALLY# rudimentARILY rudimentARINESS

Sub-anagrams: de demit demur den deni denim dent derm die diet dim dime dimer din dine diner dint dire dirt dit dite drum due duet dui duit dum dun dune dunite dunt dure durn ed edit em emir emit emu en end er ern et etui id idem ident in indue inert inter intrude inure inured ire ired it item iterum me med men mend menu merit met mi mid mien mind minder mine mined miner mint minted minter minuet minute minuted minuter mir mire mired mite miter mitre mitred mu mud mun muni mure mured murein murid murine mut mute muted muter mutine mutined ne nerd net neum nide nim nit nite niter nitre nu nude nuder nudie nurd nut re red rei rein rem remind remint remit rend rent ret rid ride rident rim rime rimed rin rind rite rude rue rued ruin ruined rum rumen run rune runt rut rutin te ted tedium tein teind ten tend tendu term tern ti tide tie tied tier time timed timer tin tinder tine tined tire tired trem trend tried trim trine trined triune true trued tui tum tumid tun tune tuned tuner turd turdine turn turned um un unde under (and 21 more)

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