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December 26th, 2012: TICAL

Definition: TICAL*TICALS n a former Thai unit of weight

Anagrams: cital ictal

Hooks: ticalS

Ana-hooks: atElic catliN cHital citalS citOla citRal cOital italIc lactiC Placit Rictal tiNcal

'Typos': pical tidal

Blana-grams: actiN aitcH alciD aliSt aNtic aRtic atilT atTic aUlic caCti caliD caliF caliX caVil cilIa claiM claPt claRt claSt clatS claUt claVi clEat cliFt cliNt cliPt cOati cUlti Diact Dicta Dital Eclat ilEac ilIac lacEt laicH laicS laitH laitY latcH latHi liaRt licHt licIt liLac liNac litaI litaS lOtic lYtic Malic Octal Plait Plica Salic Scail taciT tailS talcS talcY tElia tElic ticCa tilaK tRail tRiac tRial Vatic Vital

Extensions: OPtical VAtical BIOtical CORtical CRItical EROtical FIStical GEStical HAPtical HECtical MEticalS MYStical NAUtical SEPtical STAtical TACtical THEtical TRItical VORtical AGNAtical ANticalLY ASCEtical ASCItical CRYPtical DEIStical ERIStical ERRAtical FANAtical FLOPtical GENEtical GNOStical HEPAtical HEREtical IDENtical IDIOtical ISMAtical KINEtical LEVItical LYticalLY ONticalLY OPticalLY PIRAtical POEticalS POLItical PYRItical QUANtical RUSticalS SCEPtical SCIAtical SKEPtical SORItical STYPtical TRIticalE VENAtical VERticalS VIAticalS ACOUStical ACROStical ANALYtical APOLItical ARCticalLY ARTIStical AUTOPtical BIOticalLY CLIMAtical CORticalLY CRIticalLY DESPOtical DIABEtical DIDACtical DIETEtical DOGMAtical DOMEStical DRAMAtical DYNAStical EGOIStical EMEticalLY EMPHAtical EREMItical EROticalLY EXEGEtical EXOticalLY FRENEtical GEODEtical HECticalLY HERMItical JESUItical JURIStical LOGIStical MAGNEtical MAJEStical MEPHItical MEtical(S) MONAStical MONIStical MYSticalLY NAUticalLY NOEMAtical PANOPtical PAPIStical (and 547 more)

Sub-anagrams: act ai ail ait al alit alt at cat cit clat it ita la lac laic lat lati li lit ta tai tail talc tali ti tic til

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