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May 15th, 2012: PREAUDIT

Definition: PREAUDIT*PREAUDITS n an audit made prior to a final settlement of a transaction

Anagrams: eupatrid

Hooks: preauditS

Ana-hooks: eupatridS repudiatE uptraiNed

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: apteriuM aptiTude Biparted Captured daturiNe depuraNt depuratE dipteraL dipteraN dipteraS diSputer duratiVe epiduraL epuratEd iMparted iNdurate irRupted Muriated paiNture paStured piCrated piCtured pLaudite pratiQue preadMit preaduLt purtRaid putrideR rapideSt raptuRed ruiNated Spirated Stupider tarSiped traipSed tripedaL tripudIa turNiped uNpaired uNparted uNrepaid updarteD updaterS upraiSed upStared uriNated

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adept adieu adit ae ai aid aide aider air aired airt airted ait aitu ape aped aper apert apt apted apter ar ard are ared aret arid art at ate atrip audit aurei da dae dap dare dari dart date dater daur daut dautie de deair dear dei depart derat di diaper die diet dip dipt diptera dire dirt dit dita dite drap drape drapet drat drip dript drupe duar due duet dui duit dup dupe duper dura dure ea ear eard eat eau ed edit er era erupt et eta etui eupad id ide idea irade irate ire ired it ita iure pa pad padi padre padri paid pair paire paired par pard pardi pardie pare pared pareu part parted parti partied pat pate pated pater pe pea pear peart peat ped per perai perdu peri pert pet petar petard pi pia pie pied pier piert piet pieta pir pirate pirated pit pita piu prad prat prate prated pratie prau pre pride pried prude pruta pteria pud puer puir pur purda pure pured puri put putid putrid rad rade rai raid rait raited rap rape raped rapid rapt rat rate rated ratu re read reap red redia redip (and 101 more)

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