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July 20th, 2011: FAMELESS

Definition: FAMELESS adj not famous

Anagrams: selfsame

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: flameLess

'Typos': faceless fadeless fumeless nameless tameless

Blana-grams: assemBle Beamless eNflames feaRless fleasOme fOamless lameNess leafLess maKeless maleNess maNeless maTeless mealLess meaTless salesmeN seamlesS

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae al ale alee alef alefs ales alme almes alms als am as ass ea eale eales eas ease easel easels eases easle easles eassel ee eel eels ef efs el elf elfs elm elms els else em eme emes emf emfs ems es eses ess esse fa false falses fame fames fas feal feals fease feases fee feel feels fees fem femal female females femals feme femes fems fess fesse flam flame flames flams flea fleam fleams fleas flee flees fleme flemes la lam lame lames lams las lase lases lass lea leaf leafs leam leams leas lease leases lee lees leme lemes les leses less ma mae maes mal male males mals mas mase mases mass masse me meal meals mease meases measle measles mel mela melas mels mes mesa mesal mesas mese mesel mesels meses mess sae safe safes sal sale sales sals salse sam same samel sames sea seal seals seam seame seames seams seas sease see seel seels seem seems sees sel sele seles self selfs sels seme semes sesame sese slae slaes slam slams slee sma smee smees

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