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June 19th, 2011: PALLIATE

Definition: PALLIATE*PALLIATED*PALLIATING*PALLIATES v to conceal the seriousness of

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: palliateD palliateS

Ana-hooks: Capitella paPillate pRelatial tailplaNe

'Typos': talliate

Blana-grams: allaNite allatiVe alliGate aRillate lapiDate palatiAl palatiNe pallieSt paPillae paRietal paStille patellaE patellaR patellaS pelaGial Stapelia taillaMp

Extensions: SINUpalliate

Sub-anagrams: aa aal ae ai aia ail ait al ala alae alap alate ale alit all alp alt ape aplite apt at atap ate ea eat el ell elt et eta ilea ileal ill it ita la lap lapel lat late lati lea leal leap leapt leat lei lep lept lepta let li lie lilt lip lit lite pa paella pail pal palate pale palea paleal palet pall palla pallae pallet pallia pat pate patella pe pea peal peat pela pell pelt pelta pet petal pi pia pial pie piet pieta pila pile pilea pill pit pita plait plat plate plea pleat plie ta tae tael tai tail taille tala tale talea tali tall talpa talpae tap tapa tape te tea teal teil tel tela telia telial tell tepa tepal ti tie til tile till tip

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