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April 27th, 2011: PINOCHLE

Definition: PINOCHLE*PINOCHLES n a card game

Anagrams: phenolic

Hooks: pinochleS

Ana-hooks: phenolicS picholIne

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Aphelion cephAlin chipoTle chloRine cholineS chopineS coMpline enophilE eUphonic heliconS helicopT lepTonic pheloniA phenYlic phoneMic phoneTic picolIne pinholeS pinocleS pliocenE polYenic pRochein Replicon Tholepin

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ceil cel cep chi chiel chile chin chine chino chip choil choli choline chon chop chopin chopine cine cineol cion cline clip clon clone clop coil coin col cole colin con cone coni cop cope copen echo eco eh el elhi eloin en enol enolic eon epic epoch he heil helicon helio helo help hen hep hi hic hie hin hip ho hoe hole holp holpen hon hone hop hope ice ich icon in inch ion lech lei leno li lice lich lichen lie lien lin line lino lion lip lipe lipo lo loch loche loci locie loin lone lop lope ne nice niche nicol nil nip no noel noh noil nope och oche oe oh oi oil ole oleic olein on once one op ope open opine pe pec pech peh pein pelon pen pencil peon phenol phi pho phocine phon phone phonic pi pic pice pie pile pin pinch pine pinhole pinocle pinole pion plench pleon pleonic plie po poh poi pol pole police ponce pone

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