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April 1st, 2011: PERIOTIC

Definition: PERIOTIC adj surrounding the ear

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: perioticS

Ana-hooks: periDotic preBiotic proteiNic

'Typos': periodic

Blana-grams: Depictor Dioptric Dipteroi ectropiC eLicitor eNtropic epiDotic epitoMic epitoNic eUtropic iNceptor iriScope Leprotic operAtic opiFicer oUtprice pecoriNi perLitic perSicot petriFic petroLic picotiTe picriteS pitcHier poiNtier poriStic pricieSt tripoDic

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cep cero cert cire cit cite citer cito coir coit cop cope coper copier copter cor core cot cote crept cripe crit crop epic er eric erotic et etic ice icer icier io ire it oe oi op ope opt opter optic or orc ore ort otic pe pec per peri periti pert pet pi pic pice picot picote picrite pie pier piert piet pir pit pitier po poet poetic poi pore port pot pote pre price pro protei re rec recit recti recto rei rep repo repot ret rice riot rip ripe ript rit rite roc roe rope rot rote roti te tercio ti tic tice tie tier tip tipi tire tiro to toc toe top tope toper topi topic tor torc tore tori toric torii trice trie trio trip tripe trop trope tropic

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