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March 31st, 2011: SERAC

Definition: SERAC*SERACS n a large mass of ice broken off of a glacier

Anagrams: acres cares carse escar races scare

Hooks: seracS

Ana-hooks: arcHes arecAs Braces caBers caDres caesAr caGers caNers caPers careRs caresS careTs carIes carLes carseS carTes carVes caserN casTer caTers caUser caVers ceDars cerIas cesUra cHares cHaser cLears cOarse craKes craNes craPes craseS craTes craVes craZes creaKs creaMs creasE creasY erIcas escarP escarS escHar Facers Farces Graces Lacers Macers Nacres Ocreas Pacers Parsec raceRs raNces reacTs recaPs recasT rOsace sacKer sacreD saUcer scaLer scarCe scareD scareR scareS scareY scLera scraPe screaK screaM searcH secPar sPacer Traces Varecs

'Typos': serai seral

Blana-grams: acerB acHes acMes acNes acreD acrOs aGers aLecs aPers aPres arceD arcUs areAs arecA areIc arIse arLes arOse arseS asKer asPer asTer aUres aVers Bares Baser Bears Brace Braes caBer caDes caDre caFes caGer caGes caKes caMes caNer caNes caPer caPes carBs carDs careD careR careT careX carKs carLe carLs carNs carPs carRs carTe carTs carVe caseD caseS casTe caTer caTes caUse caVer caVes ceasE ceDar cerEs cerIa cerOs cerTs cesTa cHare cHars cHase cIres cLear cOres cOrse craBs craGs craKe craMs craNe craPe craPs crasH crasS craTe craVe craWs craZe creaK creaM creDs cresS cresT creWs crIes crUse cUres cUrse cZars Daces Dares Dears earLs earNs easEr ecrUs erasE erIca esKar eYras Facer Faces Farce Fares Fears Gears Grace Hares Hears Lacer Laces Lares Laser Lears Macer Maces Marcs Mares Marse Maser Mercs Nacre Narcs Nares Nears Ocrea Orcas Oscar Pacer Paces Pares Parse Pears Percs Prase Presa raceD raceR racKs raGes raIse raJes raKes raLes raNce raPes raRes raseD raseR raseS raTes raVes raXes raZes reacH reacT reaDs reaLs reaMs reaPs reaRs recaP recKs recTa resaT resaW resaY rHeas rIces saBer saBre sacrA saFer saGer saIce saKer saNer sareE sarGe saUce saVer saWer saYer scaLe scaPe scarF scarP scarS scarT scarY scaUr sceNa scOre scraG scraM scraN scraP screE screW searS seWar sHare sHear sMear sNare sPace sPare sPear sTare sUcre sWare sWear Taces Tares Taser Tears Trace Urase Ureas Ursae Varec Wares Wears Years

Extensions: HORseracE TESseracT HORseracES TESseracTS HORseracING$ BURseracEOUS# DROseracEOUS# HORseracINGS$

Sub-anagrams: ace aces acre ae ar arc arcs are ares ars arse as car care cars case ear ears er era eras ers es race ras rase re rec recs res sac sae scar sea sear sec ser sera

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