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November 12th, 2010: WREATHEN

Definition: 1. WREATHEN verb_past_participle (see WREATHE 1) 2. WREATHE*WREATHED*WREATHEN*WREATHES*WREATHING v to shape into a wreath

Anagrams: waterhen

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: enwreathE Unwreathe waterhenS

'Typos': wreathed wreather wreathes

Blana-grams: aDherent anYwhere aweAther earthMen enSwathe haStener heartenS hernIate Leathern neatherD threaTen treeLawn Urethane waterMen weatherS whateVer wheateAr wheatenS whItener

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aether ah an ane anew ant ante anther antre ar are arene arete art at ate atween aw awe awee awn ear earn earth earthen eat eaten eater eath eh en enate enter entera er era ere ern erne et eta eth ethane ether etna ewe ewer ha hae haen haet hant hare hart hat hate hater haw he hear heart hearten heat heater hen hent her here hereat hern het hew hewer hewn hwan na nae nah naw ne near neat neater neath nee net nether new newer newt nth rah ran ranee rant rat rate rath rathe raw re ree reheat renew rent rente ret rete rewan rewet rhea ta tae tahr tan tar tare tarn taw tawer tea tear tee teen ten tern terne tew thae than thane thaw thawer the thee then thenar there thew thraw thrawn three threw tree treen twa twae twee tween wae wan wane want wanter war ware warn wart wat water we wean weaner wear weather wee ween weer weet wen went were wert wet wether wha what wheat wheaten whee wheen when where whereat whet wrath wreath wreathe wren

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