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October 20th, 2010: HOMERING

Definition: 1. HOMERING verb_gerund (see HOMER 1) 2. HOMER*HOMERED*HOMERING*HOMERS v to hit a home run

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: moThering

'Typos': hovering

Blana-grams: Chroming Cohering homegirL hUmoring morPhine morPhing neighBor niChrome oChering remoVing Thermion Thongier

Extensions: OUThomering

Sub-anagrams: ego eh em emir emo en eng enorm eon er erg ergo eringo ern gem gen genom genro germ ghi gi gie gien gin girn giro giron gnome go goer gomer gone goner gor gore gorhen gorm grim grime grin groin he heir hem hemin hen her herm hern hero heroin heron hi hie him hin hinge hinger hire hm ho hoe hoeing hoer hog hom home homer homie homier homing hon hone honer hong hongi horn ignore in inro ion ire iron irone me meg meh men menhir meno merino mho mi mien mig mine miner minor mir mire mo mog moi moire mon monger monie mor more morgen morn ne neg neigh nigh nigher nim no nog noh noir nom nome nor nori norm oe ogre oh ohing ohm oi om omen omer on one or ore org re reg region rei reign rein rem renig reno rhino rho rig rim rime rin ring roe rom

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