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September 12th, 2010: GOURDE

Definition: GOURDE*GOURDES n a monetary unit of Haiti

Anagrams: drogue rogued rouged

Hooks: gourdeS

Ana-hooks: Budgero drogueS drogueT grouPed grouSed grouTed guerdoN rougHed uNdergo uNgored

'Typos': gourds gourdy

Blana-grams: Aerugo Argued Bedrug Bodger Bouged Brogue Budger Codger Coured degouT deTour deVour doDger dogeAr dogGer dorBug douCer doureR douSer douTer drogeR druDge eNduro erugoS Forged geruNd goLder gorGed gorMed gorPed gouGed gouGer goWder groNed groPed grouNd grouSe groVed grudGe guIder gurGed gurLed gurNed Judger Lodger Louder Loured Morgue Mudger Nudger oBdure orduRe orgueS ouLder ouTred Porged Pouder Poudre Poured Purged redBug redouT reguLo reMoud rogueS rougeS rouPed rouSed rouTed rugGed rugoSe Sodger Soured Surged Toured Trudge uNdoer uNgord uredoS Vogued Voguer

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de do doe doer dog doge dor dore dour dreg drug due dug duo dure duro ed ego er erg ergo erugo euro ged geo go god goe goer gor gore gored gourd grue grued gu gude gue gur od ode oe ogre or ord ore orgue ou oud our re red redo reg rego rod rode roe roed rogue roue rouge rud rude rue rued rug udo ug ur urd urde ure uredo urge urged

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