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July 6th, 2010: SYNERGID

Definition: SYNERGID*SYNERGIDS n a cell found in the embryo sac of a seed plant

Anagrams: syringed

Hooks: synergidS

Ana-hooks: desCrying

'Typos': synergia synergic

Blana-grams: deCrying derAigns designEr desirIng dresSing dysgeniC enErgids grAdines grindeRs grindeRy negrOids reAdings reAdying redEsign redRying redWings redyEing reEdings regRinds resAying residIng resignEd ringsIde seignOry serRying sPringed sTringed syringeS

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de deign deigns den deni dens deny design dey deys die dies dig digs din dine diner diners dines ding dinge dinger dingers dinges dingey dingeys dings dingy dins dire dirge dirges dis dreg dregs dries dry drying drys dye dyeing dyeings dyer dyers dyes dying dyings dyne dynes ed edgy eds egis en end ends eng engird engirds engs ens er erg ergs ern erns ers es eying ged geds gen gens gey gid gids gie gied gien gies gin gins gird girds girn girned girns grey greys grid gride grides grids grin grind grinds grins gyre gyred gyres gyri id ides ids in ins ire ired ires is ne neg negs nerd nerds nerdy nide nides re red reding reds reg regs rei reign reigns rein reins reis rend rends renig renigs res resid resign resin resiny rid ride rides ridge ridges ridgy rids rig rigs rin rind rinds rindy ring ringed rings rins rinse rinsed rise risen rye ryes rynd rynds sedgy seg segni sei sen send sengi ser serin sering si side sign signed signer sin sine sing singe singed singer sir sire sired siren sned snide snider snye sri syn syne syren syringe ye yen (and 6 more)

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