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May 22nd, 2010: RAMEE

Definition: RAMEE*RAMEES n ramie

Anagrams: ameer meare reame

Hooks: rameeS

Ana-hooks: amBeer ameerS amerCe amPere Beamer Careme emPare Hareem Hermae meaGer meaGre meaLer meaNer meareS raCeme reameD reameR reameS remaDe remaKe remaTe remeaD reName reTeam Seamer Teamer

'Typos': mamee ragee rakee ramen ramet ramie ranee razee

Blana-grams: aDeem aerIe aGree aImer amBer ameNe arAme areAe areDe areRe areTe armeD armeR armeT Beare Berme Brame Bream Breem Breme Crame Cream Creme Deare Derma Dream eaGer eaGre eareD eaTer eDema emBar emBer emeEr emerY emMer emUre eNarm eNema eraSe Feare Frame Gamer Geare Grame Harem Heame Heare Herma Lamer Laree Leare Leear maCer maDre maIre maKer marAe mareS marGe marLe marSe maSer maTer maZer meaNe meaSe meerS merDe mereD mereL mereR mereS merGe merLe merSe meTer meTre mOrae Namer Peare Perea reaLm reamS reamY reaRm reaTe reaVe reGma reHem remaN remaP remeN remeT remeX reTem rImae Saree Seame Seare Smear Tamer Trema

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae am ar are arm ea ear ee em eme er era ere ma mae mar mare me meer mere ram re ream ree rem

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