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April 13th, 2010: PINDER

Definition: PINDER*PINDERS n an official who formerly impounded stray animals

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: pinderS

Ana-hooks: pArdine pOinder preBind prinCed prinKed prinTed prOined repinEd ripenEd

'Typos': binder cinder finder hinder kinder minder pander pincer pinger pinier pinker pinner ponder tinder winder

Blana-grams: Airned Brined Crined deniEr derinG diAper dinerO dinerS dinGer dinKer dinNer dipneT dipPer dOpier driVen endriN enGird Friend Girned Griped iMpend inBred inUred irOned Kinred Kirned nerEid nipPed nipPer nipTer nirLed Opined Orpine pAined pAired pAnier pArdie peinEd perdiE periOd perKin piendS pierId pinerY pinGed pinKed pinNed piOned piOner pirnIe pOnied priCed prideD prideS priMed prinCe priSed priZed prOine prUine prUned pTerin pUnier pUrine rAined rAndie rApine reBind redFin redinG redipS redipT reFind reinEd reMind reniEd repAid repAnd repinE repinS reWind ridDen ridenT rindeD rinGed rinKed rinSed ripenS ripPed riSped rOined rUined Snider Sniped Sniper Spider Spined Spired Trepid Trined Uniped Unripe Urined Verdin

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de dei den dern di die din dine diner dip dire drip ed en end er ern id ide in ire ired ne ned nep nerd nid nide nie nied nip pe ped pein pen pend peni per peri pern pi pie pied piend pier pin pine pined pir pirn pre pride pried re red redip rei rein ren rend rep repin rid ride rin rind rine rip ripe riped ripen

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