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March 19th, 2010: GALERE

Definition: GALERE*GALERES n a group of people having a common quality

Anagrams: regale

Hooks: galereS

Ana-hooks: aerOgel alLeger Beagler eagerlY eNlarge geNeral gleaMer gleaNer lagereD leagUer regaleD regaleR regaleS reglaZe

'Typos': galeae galore

Blana-grams: aglAre agreeD agreeS alegAr alLege aNgler areOle argleD argleS argYle Barege Bargee Beagle Cereal Dealer Dragee eagerS eagleD eagleS eagleT eagreS elaTer eNrage ergaTe gaOler garBle garGle geareD gelaTe gelDer geNera glaIre glareD glareS glaZer gleBae graPle graVel greaSe greaVe Healer Jaeger Kegler laAger lagerS lagGer lareeS largeR largeS laVeer leaDer leagUe leaKer leaNer leaPer leaSer leaVer leDger legaTe legerS Malgre Meager Meagre Pelage rageeS ragGee ragGle realeR realeS reDleg reFlag regaVe regeaR regGae regleT reglUe regNal relaCe relaTe rePeal reSale reSeal reVeal Sealer Telega Tergal Vealer

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age agee ager aglee agree al ale alee ar are areg argle eager eagle eagre ear earl eel egal eger el er era ere erg gae gal gale gar gear gee gel glare glee gree la lag lager lar laree large lea lear lee leer leg leger rag rage ragee rale re real ree reel reg regal

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