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March 13th, 2010: SHEAL

Definition: SHEAL*SHEALS n shealing

Anagrams: hales heals leash selah shale

Hooks: shealS

Ana-hooks: alePhs alMehs ashleR Chelas haleRs halesT halOes halVes haNsel haOles hasleT hasSel hasSle haZels laChes lasheD lasheR lasheS laThes lehUas selahS shaleD shaleS shaleY sheIla shelTa Whales Wheals

'Typos': sheaf shear sheas shell sheol shoal steal wheal

Blana-grams: aBles aChes aIsle aleCs aleFs alePh alMeh alMes alOes aRles asheD asheN asheS aXels aXles Bales Beals Blahs Blase Chase Chela Clash Dahls Dales Deals Deash Dhals eaRls easEl elaNs ePhas False Flash Fleas Flesh Gales haDes haeMs haeTs haIls haJes haKes haleD haleR halLs halMs halOs halTs halVe haMes haNse haOle haRes haRls hasTe haTes haUls haVes haWse haZel haZes heaDs heaPs heaRs heaTs heEls heIls helLs helMs helOs helPs heMal heRls hOles hOsel hUlas hYlas Kales laCes laDes laKes laKhs laMes laNes laPse laRes laseD laseR laseS laThe laThs laVes laXes laZes leaCh leaDs leaFs leaKs leaNs leaPs leaRs leasE leasT lehRs lehUa leVas lYase Males Meals Pales Peals Phase Plash Pleas Rales Reals Rheas saBle saDhe saleP saleS salVe sCale sealS selVa sePal seRal seTal shaDe shaKe shalL shalT shalY shaMe shaPe shaRe shaUl shaVe shaWl shelF shIel shleP slaKe slaSh slaTe slaVe sPale sTale sTela sWale Taels Tales Teals Tesla Vales Valse Veals Wales Weals Welsh Whale Yeahs Zeals

Extensions: shealED# shealING DEIsheal# shealINGS DEIshealS#

Sub-anagrams: ae ah ahs al ale ales als as ash eh el els es ha hae haes hale has he heal hes la lah lahs las lase lash lea leas les sae sal sale sea seal sel sh sha she shea

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