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March 4th, 2010: ANEMOSIS

Definition: ANEMOSIS*ANEMOSES n separation of rings of growth in timber due to wind

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Foaminess Loaminess masonRies meLanosis misaTones nomaDises Romanises semoLinas somniaTes Womanises

'Typos': anemoses

Blana-grams: aDenosis aDonises aGonises ameiosEs ameiosIs amiDones amiToses amnesiAs amnesiCs amnioTes amosiTes animUses anisoLes anoDises anosmiAs assienTo asTonies aTomises Daimones emissIon eRasions eVasions Gaminess Hominess isLesman Jasmines Laminose maLisons manNoses mansioNs manTises maTiness maZiness meRsions mesTinos mineoLas misaTone misnaMes moCassin moineaUs moisTens monisHes monOsies moRaines nemEsias nomaDies nomaDise onaNisms osmiaTes Peonisms Romaines Romanise samisenS saXonies seminaRs semoLina senoPias sensoRia senTimos sesamoiD sHamisen siDesman simonIes siRnames somniaTe sTasimon Womanise

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aeon aeons ai aim aims ain aine ains ais am amen amens ami amie amies amin amine amines amino amins amis amises amiss amnio amnios an ane anes ani anime animes anis anise anises anoesis anomie anomies as ass ea ean eans eas em ems en enosis ens eoan eon eonism eonisms eons eosin eosins es ess essoin in ins inseam inseams io ion ions ios is ism isms iso isos ma mae maes main mains maise maises man mane manes mani manies manis mano manos mans manse manses mas mase mases mason masons mass masse me mean means mein meins men meno mensa mensas mes mesa mesas mesian meson mesons mess messan mi mien miens mina minae minas mine mines mino minos mioses mis mise mises miso misos miss missa missae mna mnas mo moa moan moans moas moe moes moi mon mona monas monases monie monies mons mos mose moses moss mossie na nae nam name names nams naoi naos naoses nas ne nema nemas ness nie nies nim nims nis nisse no noes noesis noise noises nom noma nomas nome nomes noms nos nose noses nosies oases oasis oe oes oi om omen omens oms on (and 75 more)

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