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February 26th, 2010: EMDASH

Definition: EMDASH*EMDASHES n a mark in writing that indicates a break in thought or structure

Anagrams: mashed shamed

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: ashAmed Chasmed Lamedhs maRshed shamMed smaShed

'Typos': endash

Blana-grams: adeEms aLmehs ameNds amIdes amUsed ashmeN Bashed Cashed Chased damseL dasheD dasheR dasheS deaThs demasT deRmas desmaN dReams edEmas Fashed Gashed hadJes hamMed haRems haRmed hasHed hasPed hasTed heXads Jehads Khedas Lamedh Lameds Lashed maChes madRes mahOes masheR masheS mashIe masKed masSed masTed medaLs medIas medUsa meNads meshEd mOshed mUshed Pashed Phased saChem sadheS sameCh sameKh saShed sChema seamEd shadeD shadeR shadeS shaLed shameS shaPed shaRed shaVed shaWed shmeaR Washed

Extensions: emdashES

Sub-anagrams: ad ads ae ah ahed ahem ahs am as ash ashed da dah dahs dam dame dames dams das dash de deash ed edh edhs eds eh em ems es ha had hade hades hae haed haem haems haes ham hame hames hams has he head heads hem hems hes hm ma mad made mads mae maes mas mash me mead meads med meds meh mes mesa mesh sad sade sadhe sae same sea seam sh sha shad shade sham shame she shea shed

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