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April 17th, 2008: GURRIES

Definition: GURRY*GURRIES n fish offal

Anagrams: surgier

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Figurers sugArier

'Typos': curries durries furries hurries lurries murries

Blana-grams: Arguers Brigues Brisure Bruiser Burgers Buriers Cruiser Drusier Durgier erriNgs Figurer Figures Friseur Frisure girDers girNers gOrsier griCers griPers grOuser grusHie guiDers guiLers guiserS guiZers gurLier gusHier gusTier guTsier iNsurer Ligures Lurgies Purgers Pursier resurgE reurgEs reusiNg riDgers rigGers rigOurs riNgers rueiNgs rugBies rugGers rugGier ruiNers ruNrigs rusHier rusTier serriNg sigNeur suCrier surFier surgerS surgerY surLier uPriser Virgers

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: egis er erg ergs err errs ers es gi gie gies girr girrs gis gris grise grue grues gu gue gues guise guiser gur gurs gus ire ires is iure re reg regius regs regur regurs rei reis rerig rerigs res rig rigs rise riser rue ruer ruers rues rug rugs ruse seg sei seir ser serr si sieur sir sire sri sue suer sui sur sure surer surge surger ug ugs ur ure ures urge urger urgers urges us use user

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